Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yacøpsæ - Tanz Grosny Tanz

Well so far, you guys are checking us out, and about 1/5th of you guys who check us out are downloading, so we are really happy were off to a good start. We aren't going anywhere, so check us regularly because were both committed to this (there is 2 of us running this blog.)
As of now, we really don't have a direct musical focus, so if you like what you hear, tell us in a comment and we will try to keep similar things coming in the future. We have a pretty good collection of music between us, so chances are we might have what you are looking for. Ever looked forever around blogs looking for that rare split with so and so? We know it sucks. So let us know what YOU are interested in, and this blog will be powered by your comments.

Well, I feel we've covered some ground with our last 2 post, now it might be a good idea to pick up the pace a little bit. Behold, Yacøpsæ, lightning fast turboviolence that will make your ring and bleed. Seriously, make sure your volumes not all the way up when you put this on, because its likely to cause seizures. For fans of Central European Grind/powerviolence. Check it out.

Yacøpsæ - Tanz Grosny Tanz (2007)


Z said...

Any splits that Sound like Shit did would be awesome(shotgun,hangnail,bruce banner,blood I bleed).

Cirlce That H said...

I know I don't have any, but I'll try my other guy. If not we'll find it for you and post it.

sxeloonagan said...

i have a shit-ton of bruce banner
let me on this blog