Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ictus - Impervium

We'll let your eardrums heal a little bit from the last two posts. This my friend is Spanish D-beat destroyers known as Ictus. You may think you know melodic D-beat, but Ictus takes that whole sound that's being oh so overused today and gives it a fresh, new, shiny feel. This LP, Impervium, is 39 minutes long, and is all one song. Some might say thats a little ridiculous, but the song is really worth listening to all the way through. There are no slow bullshit fill-ins either. This song is intense all the way through. If there is one song that is essential to your Ictus collection, it is this. From the super-catchy melodic riffs to the punishing heavy ones, this album is one of the most solid songs I have ever heard.

Ictus - Impervium

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whispered into existence said...

Wooooow, thanks for this - I'm still waiting to receive my LP copy!