Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ok guys, we've been on a little hiatus for awhile, Hurricane Ike descended upon Houston, the city we hail from, and caused massive power outages being the storm of doom that it was. I was not able to access the internet for a week, then God is dead fest came along, some shits gone down, schools been busy for the both of us, and I've been working alot. I know this kills some of our devoted blog punx, so I've decided to make a very delicious post for you guys to make up for it. Enjoy.

Skarp - RequiemSkarp is an innovative female-fronted grind band from California so unique they coined the term "blackout grind" to describe their style of music. Really, I have yet to hear a band out there that sounds like skarp does. Great shit. Punk as fuck, heavy and fast, and even some ska parts. Puts on a very good show too if I must say. This is my favorate release by them, and what they mostly play in their set.

Skarp - Requiem

Warbringer - War without End
Warbringer is straight thrash metal, nothing else about it, there's been a few people who've been talking down and judging about the lack of thrash in our blog, well here the fuck it is. Something I've been reserving this one for a while but now its unleashed, expect more thrash in the future.

Warbringer - War without End

Ekkaia - Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdón

If you're not listening to Ekkaia yet, you need to be. This is some of the most intense, melodic D-beat you'll ever hear. Awesome guitar work, their vocalist has that irresistable scream that seems to fit so well with the sound. Band It seems Ictus (sadly) was not one of most popular post, though it has done alright. Well we're gonna give spanish d-beat another try because that country has some of the best shit these days. I can't see how anyone could not love this band, unless of course you're not into punk at all, in which case you probably wouldn't be reading this blog. This band shares members with Ictus, Cop on fire, Black Panda and just about any other band from spain that deserves noting.


Toxik Boys said...

Brutal post, gracias!

pinklenin said...

Skarp is from Seattle