Sunday, October 5, 2008


Wolfchant is described as "epic pagan metal", but musically they draw influences from alot of music, mostly folk metal, with an edge of thrash, and some black metal parts too. Lemme tell you, this band is fucking catchy. You will have their songs running through your head after a day of listening to them. The guitar lines are epic as shit. Lyrics compel me to slay Christians in the name of Odin and the Gods of Old. Quite well written if you dig pagan stuff. Vocals are in a raw black metal style. "A Pagan Storm" (the second album) also features "choral" viking metal stuff I'm not as fond of, but do add another interesting element to the music. This is one of my favorite bands right now, and I enternally grateful to the Gods that I came across them.

Wolfchant is a younger band in a genre of music dominated by bands that have typically been around for years. This being so, they are kind of seen as a new generation of folk metal. Fans of the genre will know what I'm talking to, this is a quite a bit heavier than Flintroll. Think a better version of "A Pagan Reign" (another band worth checking out), with better songwriting, production, less sloppyness, less keyboards and false shit of the sort.

I've decided to include both of their albums, since one is more popular and the other I seem to enjoy more. Their first one, "Bloodied tales of a Disgraced Land", is my favorite, A little more raw than their second album, slightly lower production, and a little more blackened. Their Second, "A Pagan Storm", will appeal a little more to fans of Viking metal, but is more than worth checking out, especially if you're into the whole choral chanting thing.

So, I hope no one passes up this album because of a closed mind, yeah they're not punk, but if you haven't caught on yet, this blog isn't %100 punk. But be sastisfied, we will never post something that we don't absolutely think is awesome. So if you've liked our previous posts, trust us on this one, Descend into Vahalla with Pride and Honour and jam some Wolfchant!

Wolfchant- Bloodied Tales of a Disgraced Land

Wolfchant - A Pagan Storm